PT. Ariesanta Permana Sari Now Accepts Online Booking



We’re excited to announce our latest partnership with GoValuta to enable us to accept quick and easy currency bookings and cashless payments.


At PT Ariesanta Permana Sari, we’re always committed to adopt latest technologies to make currency exchange easier, fairer, faster and more rewarding for our customers. 

In light of this core value, we’ve forged a partnership with GoValuta to leverage their expertise and experience to adopt new financial technology (FinTech) to serve their customers better.


By leveraging GoValuta’s new service, our brand new website – powered by GoValuta –  you can now check the rates updated regularly and enjoy the following services:

  • Conveniently book your currency online in advance
  • Securely provide the required regulatory information when required while booking online
  • Pay securely using your VISA/Mastercard/AMEX-powered Credit Card by scanning a QR code sticker displayed in our stores.

And finally, collect it from our store at your convenience.


By booking your foreign currency online, you will be able to

  • Pay cashless in-store using your debit or credit card when collecting your local currency. 
  • Save time in our store while picking up your pre-booked currency.
  • Should you have any special requirements while booking online, you can let our friendly staff know with an instant messaging feature.


I\’ve used the new booking service and it made my currency exchange a breeze.

Terima kasih atas inovasi Anda yang berkelanjutan.

- Max Franklinn

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